beatscapeVirtual-physical music environment for ensembles, Georgia Institute of Technology

by Akito Van Troyer, Aaron Albin, Brian Blosser, Sertan Şentürk, Oliver Jan and Gil Weinberg

Source code available in Google Code


  • Albin, A., Şentürk, S., Van Troyer, A., Blosser, B., Jan, O., and Weinberg, G. (2011). Beatscape, a mixed virtual-physical environment for musical ensembles. In Proceedings of International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, pages 112–115, Oslo, Norway.
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FutureMedia Fest. 5 October 2010. Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center; Atlanta, GA, USA

Listening Machines 2010. 17 April 2010. Eyedrum; Atlanta, GA, USA