Talk on Music Information Retrieval in METU

On 20th December, I am going to give a seminar on music information retrieval (invited by Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu) in Middle East Technical University as part of the research seminars given in the Multimedia Informatics Program. The talk will take place at 11:30 in Conference Room (124) of the Informatics Institute (announcement).

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Thesis Defence

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Seminar in ITU Conservatory

On 11 June 2014, we – as the CompMusic team – will give a seminar called “Ses teknolojisinde Türk Müziği’ne özgü tasarımlar” (Culture specific approaches in music technology: Turkish music case) in Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory. The seminar will showcase the technologies developed within the CompMusic Project to study Ottoman-Turkish makam music. In the seminar, I am going to present the audio-score alignment methodology I have been developing for Ottoman-Turkish makam music.

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